Ideas for Preparing the Breakfast Nook in your Apartment

As we all know that the breakfasts are very important meal of the day. Therefore, why don’t you make an appealing breakfast nook? All of us would like to take our breakfast at the beautiful and appealing place. So why don’t you make plan to decorate the breakfast nook. If you want to create a beautiful breakfast nook in your new Luxury apartments for rent in charlotte NC then you are at the right place. This article is here to assist you.


There is no range and limit when deciding the impeccable furniture item for the breakfast nook. Select the furniture items that can be a source of making the breakfast area that is most beautiful and comfortable at the same time, something that blends with the rest of the room. The breakfast nook usually consists of a breakfast table and some chairs around it.

If you have a window around your breakfast nook then it is a positive point for you. You can plan the seating arrangements in front of the window so that you may enjoy the fresh air and light while taking your breakfast. If you desire, you may include some trifling cabinets under the window seats to stock the dishes of the breakfast.

In other case, if the breakfast nook is not placed next to the window, then you can opt for a special rack near to the breakfast nook to place your favorite items. For instance, if you like to read some book or newspaper early in the morning while waiting for your breakfast, you can place these books or newspapers in this rack behind the table. In addition, you can also place the candles, tissue papers or other different items in this rack.


It is always a good idea to hang the lights above the dining table. You should purchase small beautiful and fancy lights to hang above the breakfast nook. This will not only look beautiful and fancy but also put good light above this nook, as there is enough arrangement of light now, so you can utilize this nook in the evening time too. If the top of the table is made of glass then you can see the glowing table when you turn on the beautiful lights above this table. In such condition, you should purchase the lights that generate the less heat to stay away from any kind of disturbance. Also, don’t purchase too bright lights to keep your eyes away from any kind of irritation.


You need to purchase some more accessories to make your breakfast nook more appealing and personalized. It is significant to keep in mind that the fittings for the breakfast nooks vary for different items. Some most common accessories for the delightful breakfast nook are the cushions, curtains, fresh flowers, vases, fruit basket, table linen, picture frames, bells, etc.

Things To Know Prior To Buying A Rental Property

Prior to buying any rental property one needs to consider some important things that include expected rental income, any risks which may be involved and the annual expenses that will incur. Don’t overlook any of these points when you are looking for luxury apartments for rent in Charlotte nc.

Prior to investing in any rental property, check what rent can be reasonable and can be expected keeping in mind the quality and location of property. This will help you in establishing an idea that what you should spend on buying the property and what gains you will be able to achieve in the end.

The next thing that needs your consideration is the expenses that will incur once you buy the property. There are some recurring expenses like property taxes, routine maintenance, insurance, and the repair items along with property management costs. Furthermore, you should ensure that funds are set aside for any major expenses like replacement of water heater, roof, flooring, plumbing or fencing. Another important thing can be the air-conditioning system and its maintenance. So, it is advisable that you should check for the average cost for maintenance of all these amenities and specify a specific amount for all these expenses in your budget.

Furthermore, one should always be well aware of any risks that may be involved when you buy some rental property. Prior to buying any rental property following risks should be kept in your mind:

  • The property may remain empty between the renters and will lower the overall return.
  • Legal expenses can be incurred in case if some bad tenant has to be evicted in a certain case.
  • Excess of repair costs can be incurred if your property is being damaged by some bad tenant.

If you are able to get the services of some qualified firm that deals in property management then you may be able to reduce these risks to a considerable extent. They have all the experience that may be necessary in finding the best possible tenants. Normally 10 percent of the total rent is charged by these firms.

When you have a rental property of your own then you have a stable income source with you. However, similar to any other investment, it is important that you know the ins and outs of what you are going to get into. It will be helpful for you in avoiding any kind of risks and problems that may stand in front of you in future. Know everything that you need to know, find out how owning a rental property is like in the area where you are going to invest in a rental property and take all the necessary precautions before you actually throw your money at any specific property.

What Makes Living With Roommates The Best Choice?

Many people who are looking for luxury apartments for rent in charlotte nc often find themselves confused when they have to decide that whether they should live with roommates or should live alone in an apartment. Well there can be certain reasons for which living with the roommates can be an ideal choice for many.

One can’t say it to be wrong or right when it comes to living with the roommates. In fact you shouldn’t believe anyone who is sharing this kind of opinion with you. It is your personal decision and all of the apartment dwellers have to make this decision. The answer to this question must depend on your own circumstances when you are looking for an apartment on rent.

If you are in need of some help regarding whether you should choose to live with some roommate or not, then consider some of the most common reasons for which you can choose to live with the roommate.

First of all you will not be lonely if you have a roommate. Whether you are close with the roommate or not, having one will mean that someone will be around you and you can have a little gossip when you are feeling lonely. Furthermore, there will be a sense of security as well.

Living with the roommate will allow you to gain some convenience. For example, in case if you guys work with different schedules, the roommate can be there for feeding your pet, watering the plants or do anything like that when you are not present at home. When you are not in town then a good benefit is that your roommate will be able to inform you about your important mails received at home.

When living with a roommate, you will be able to save some money in different ways. Firstly, you will be able to rent a bigger apartment where both of you will be able to have more room as well as more value. The utility bills will be split between the two of you and you can also be able to share your grocery costs as well as other expenses associated with apartment living. Furthermore, if your roommate or you cook, cooking for more than one person typically saves good bit of money as compared to cooking for a single person.

When you are living with some roommate, you are allowed to split your chores that are necessary for keeping the apartment well-managed and in shape. Hence, it is not necessary for you to do all the grocery shopping every time. Alternately, if you have been designated to do all the grocery shopping then your roommate may be able to take on any other errands which may have to be done by you otherwise.

Decorating Different Places of Your Apartments

Decorating an apartment may be considered a difficult task by many but it needs some technical attention and you can decorate your apartment in the best way. Here are some tips that you should follow when decorating different rooms of your apartment.

Study room:

A study room is always a decent and formal place in the apartment where children try to concentrate on their work. To decorate the study room, best idea is to paint the walls of the room with the beautiful and colorful shades. You can use the beautiful neutral-colored mats or lampshades with the small dots. It is good to make the best combination of colors while using the polka-dotted theme in your luxury apartments for rent in charlotte NC. You can use the black color with gray, white and crème, teal and gray, pastel shades, etc.


If you are worried about which theme to apply on your bathroom then there’s no need to worry. There are multiple options that you may utilize. Shower curtains and dotted tiles are easily available in market these days. These are the best items that can help you to enhance the beauty level of your bathroom very easily. You just have to visit the market and select the most appropriate items that must match with the color of the paint and tiles of the bathroom. If you have a desire to give the artistic feel to the bathroom place, and are ready to spend some extra money for this purpose, then you could purchase the beautiful water tub and shower glass.

If you are not willing to change the look of your bathroom at all, then you can purchase the nice and polka-dotted towels, mats, napkins and different other items to keep in the bathroom. The suggestion is to create the look of your bathroom as presentable and neat as possible.


It is not necessary to purchase all the items that are mentioned above. Purchase some best and quality items instead of the multiple low quality items.


If you want to apply the polka dots in your kitchen then you must be careful. You can draw the polka dots on the walls of the kitchen to give the contemporary look to your kitchen. Select the best combinations of the colors while applying the dotted theme. Select the colors to paint the walls or to draw the polka dots that match with the tiles and other accessories of the kitchen. You can also use the dots of light colors on the dark colored paint of the walls. You must draw the small or average sized dots on the walls.


It is good to select the quality and water proof colors for the walls of the kitchen to save your color from the water and heat effects.